Think Globally, Act Locally...

Rise Against Plastics
The Rise Above Plastics (RAP) Program is the Surfrider Foundation's response to the problem of plastic litter in our ocean and marine environments. The goal of the program is to educate the public on the impacts single-use plastics have on marine environments, and how individuals can make changes in their daily lives and within their communities that will stem the flow of plastics into the environment. RAP also calls upon people to reduce their plastic footprint by reducing or eliminating the use of products such as single-use plastic water bottles and plastic bags Single-use plastic bags represent one of the greatest environmental catastrophes of our generation. It is estimated that 60-80% of all debris in the ocean is land-based plastic. Plastics take hundreds of years to break down at sea and most types never truly biodegrade. As a result, marine animals often get entangled in the debris or mistake it for food. In Oregon (and the world!) the very first statewide volunteer beach cleanup was held in 1984 under the title "Plague of Plastics", calling historical attention to the rise of plastics in our oceans and on our beaches.
Not The Answer
Surfrider Foundation is opposed to any new offshore oil drilling. Our nation's oceans, waves and beaches are vital recreational, economic and ecological treasures that will be polluted by an increase in offshore oil drilling. We strongly support reinstatement of the federal moratorium on new offshore oil drilling. Instead of advocating for transient and environmentally harmful ways to meet America's oil needs, we should seek a comprehensive and environmentally sustainable energy plan that includes energy conservation.
Ocean Friendly Gardens
The largest source of water pollution cannot be traced to any one point — it's all of us. Pollutants "run off" our streets, neighborhoods and landscapes, wastefully and needlessly fouling our coastal waterways and ocean. But you can take simple steps in your own garden to create beautiful landscapes that capture the eye of your neighbors while capturing the polluted runoff that flows to our local beaches. Whenever water leaves a property it has the ability to take pollutants with it. Fertilizers, pesticides and oil are easily picked up by the power of water. While this runoff is greatest during rain storms, urban runoff occurs all year round as a result of improper irrigation, washing cars, and hosing down driveways.
Teach & Test
The Teach & Test Program monitors the bacteria levels of our local ocean water in order to raise awareness and improve water quality in the South Bay area. The goal of the program is to involve the local community and raise awareness of the environmental challenges in front of us ~ the results and the cause. By doing so we can adjust our mindset and behaviors to improve our environmental impact, making our community better for everyone and generations to come. Throughout the school year, October to May, students from 5 local High Schools (LMU, El Segundo, Mira Costa, Redondo Union and South High) coordinate with dedicated Surfrider Activists (their trained Team Captain), and collect bi-weekly water samples from 15 South Bay beaches & as well as the Ballona Creek Wetlands (3/school). The water samples are analyzed at the SEA or LMU lab with the oversight of an experienced lab tech. We engage in a program relevant field trip and interactive parties throughout the year. The El Segundo and RUHS science Teach & Testers have incorporated this program into their students required curriculum for the year.
Know Your H2O
Know Your H2O is a Surfrider Foundation program designed to educate people on the link between freshwater management issues and the impact on our oceans, waves, and beaches. We advocate for practical and environmentally sound solutions. Do you know where your water comes from? In many places, water travels thousands of miles through canals and pipelines before reaching your home. Due to persistent drought, growing population and legislation, less water will be delivered from these sources in the future. Many rivers near the coast have been paved over, and nearly all storm drain pipes empty into our oceans. This dumps animal waste, pesticides, fertilizers, oil and pollution from our cars and roads, plastics and anything else in our watersheds and ultimately into the ocean. Through conservation, using climate-appropriate plants, permeable pavement, capturing and reusing "waste" water, and Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR), we can reduce water pollution in the ocean AND improve our drinking water supply. It's your water, too. Get Involved!
Beach Clean Ups
The South Bay Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation conducts Beach Cleanups about 6 times per year. Our region extends from Ballona Creek south to Cabrillo Beach, and we try to get to each beach at least once during the year. Please see the 2006 Beach Clean Up schedule to the right. To help out at an already scheduled cleanup, all you have to do is show up! (AND BRING A FRIEND!) We provide the gloves, bags, hand sanitizer and other essentials. If you, your business or school group would like to coordinate a cleanup at your favorite beach on a day other than our Saturday cleanups, we would love to help! Please e-mail our Beach Clean-Up Coordinator, Chris Frias (he is the short guy in the picture on the left above from a recent clean up), and include the following information: the date, location and time you would like to have your cleanup, the number of people you expect to show up, and if you need supplies, or if you would like to have a Surfrider volunteer run your cleanup for you.
Volunteer Info
Our past, present and future successes wouldn't be possible without the time, commitment and power of our members and volunteers. We all benefit by improving the water quality of our beaches, bays, lagoons, lakes, and rivers. Surfrider believes that we all have a right to enjoy clean waves and beaches, giving each of us a responsibility to join in our coastal environment's stewardship. So think globally, and act locally. To get involved, click on the button to the lower left, check the activities you are interested in, and our Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch with you. Thanks for participating! Volunteer Activities Include: • Beach Clean-ups • Fund-Raising / Promotions / Surf Contests • Booth Staffing • Education / Outreach Programs • Database / Membership • Event Planning and Coordination • Newsletter / Communications • Local Chapter Initiatives • Water Quality Testing • Ballona Wetlands Protection